hammocks-and-swing-chairsSince it is made of a lightweight nylon, the Parachute Nylon Hammock is compact, light and affordable. It conveniently packs into a small sack and is always ready to go. Great for camping, biking, hiking, hunting, going to the beach or general purpose.




The Parachute nylong hammock comes with a convenient pull-string nylon bag.
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– Weight: 400 g
– Size*: 2.4 m x 1.5 m (7’10” x 4’11”)
– Capacity: 120 kg (~260 lbs)

*Size measurement refers to the cloth body of the hammock, not including fringes, end supports or ropes. The hammock does not have spreader bars.

plaid pattern

striped pattern
Single (Camper) Hammock: $3495


The Single Camper is an entry-level cotton hammock available in a variety of colours and styles. It is recommended for one person only, does not include a decorative fringe or spreader bar.